The Most Unexpected Finds


Have you looked for Fair Trade in department stores or popular retail chains? Yeah… Me neither. But we should start looking for Fair Trade at every kind of store, because I made some unexpected Fair Trade Finds yesterday while apartment shopping with my mom!

I was looking for some bohemian inspired decorations and some British tea things at World Market, when I came across these sweet treats in the Food & Drink section! I mean come on Give me Break… Fair Trade Kit Kat bars?! I remember seeing a tweet from @FairtradeLondon months ago about Nestlé UK and Ireland using Fair Trade cocoa in their Kit Kat bars.  Unfortunately, America has not gone the Fairtrade route… hopefully they will jump on board soon, but for now you can purchase some at World Market. They come in a few different flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Mint, Orange, and Cookies & Cream. Read more… 

Fair Trade Kit Kats

Next we went into Home Goods and my mom spotted this organizing container. It says Fair Trade Coffee! I doubt it was Fair Trade made… but the fact that it says Fair Trade on it is pretty unique. Most decorations made out of old coffee burlap sacks, don’t even sport the Fair Trade name. Home Good’s slogan is “Find what makes you happy.” Well Home Goods, you made this Fair Trade Friday a happy one indeed!

photo 2

photo 1

Later that evening, we made a quick stop at Target. Have you ever heard of the project FEED? This company “creates good products that help FEED the world.”

We take great pride in using environmentally-friendly and artisan-made materials, along with fair-labor production, in creating all FEED products.

You can now find FEED at your local Target! Target and FEED partnered together to feed children and families all across America. This shirt I bought feeds 20 people. Read more…

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 4.12.34 PM


photo 3

My hope for you, readers, is it to become more aware of Fair Trade and realize how easy it is to make Fair Trade Finds in your local community…. not just at the farmers market, but in your shopping malls!


Betty Crocker has left the Kitchen!


Move over Betty Crocker, a new group of empowered women has stepped in the kitchen!

Employed women of Women’s Bean Project, like Carmen, “have experienced chronic unemployment, poverty, or difficult life situations,” but not anymore thanks to this non-profit organization. When you purchase a Women’s Bean Project baking mix, YOU are helping break the cycle of poverty and build a stronger community.

Delicious brownies that breaks the cycle of poverty? I’d call that a Fair Trade!


Cindy's Sinfully Chocolate Brownie Mix


Thank you, Carmen!

Cindy’s Sinfully Chocolate Brownie Mix

What you need:

– 4 tbsp. of butter

– 2 eggs

– microwave-safe bowl, mixing bowl, spoon, 8x8x2 inch baking dish or pan

– Fair Trade brownie mix


– Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees

– Melt 4 tbsp. of butter in microwave-safe bowl

– Add 2 eggs and beat well by hand

– Gradually combine flour/cocoa packet with wet ingredients, beating well until blended

– Spread batter evenly into a lightly greased (or sprayed) baking dish or pan

– Bake for about 20-25 mins

– Allow to cool completely in the pan on a wire rack

– cut into fun pieces as you are ready to serve your scrumptious brownies!


Bake Brownies, Be the Change

. . .

You can order this mix and a couple more from my friends at Fair and Square Imports!

Check the link –

The Shop Fair Trade Workshop


Here is Sally Medwin’s presentation notes from her workshop at Fairly Educated Conference!


Hi There and welcome to ‘The Shop Fair Trade Workshop on using Blogging and Social Media to Promote Fair Trade’. That’s a bit of a mouth full isn’t it!

In this workshop post I will be explaining a little more about;

– Who ‘Shop Fair Trade’ is.

– How you can also be a fair trade advocate using a blog or other forms of social media.

– Introduce you to another amazing fair trade blogger.

– Show you how to highlight products that you love and share information about fair trade to others in a creative way.

– And Finally Challenge you to upload your own posts or give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

First lets start with this:


This photo came up in my newsfeed on Facebook recently and made me smile. If you haven’t tried all these programs or forms of social…

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Winner Announced & other Announcements!


Thank You everyone for particpating in the Fair Trade giveaway!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I announced the giveaway… we ended up having over 30 entries and I got to hear some of your Fair Trade stories and how you found out about this blog! What a blessing! I loved the feedback!

Oh yeah… sorry for the suspense! Drrrrrruuuuumroll please….. Congratulations go out to Elle Bee for winning a Laptop case made out of Fair Trade, organic cotton!!!! Look at your email this week for details & don’t forget to choose a color!

. . .

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post lately. I had my wisdom teeth taken out last week and caught up in a couple online classes and work.  I promise I haven’t neglected my amazing, Fairtrade readers! Expect new posts up to July 31st.

Here is another announcement! I got to help Sally Medwin from Shop Fair Trade with her workshop for Fairly Educated Conference in Australia this weekend!! Sally has created a massive web of connections via different social media forums promoting Fair Trade and campaigning to become the Fair Trade supporter of the year for Australia and New Zealand! Sally and I have never met in person, but we had the chance to connect through Instagram and our blogs. (Check out Sally’s blog in the side bar or here: Now we are Fair Trade friends and I couldn’t be more blessed!

Sally’s workshop, “The Shop Fair Trade Workshop on using Blogging and Social Media to Promote Fair Trade,” is exactly how it sounds! Read her presentation notes on her blog and also check out our Q&A talking about the importance social media has in the Fair Trade movement. I loved having the chance to share with those amazing Aussies and her readers what inspired my blog and how I got so involved in Fair Trade campaigns.

Watch the Q & A here :

Fairly Educated Conference

Sally’s Insta-post of her presentation. Workshop attendees are following along on her blog and watching our You Tube interview. This blows my mind.

One thing we both stressed from our presentations is that social media gives a voice to those who can’t reach out to the masses about fair treatment. I know that may seem obvious, but when you are tweeting or blogging you never know who ends up reading it. That one tweet on #change could persuade your neighbor to make purchases that matter. That one filtered pic showing off your Honest Tea bottle using #fairtrade on Instagram can connect you with another Fair Trade supporter thousands of miles away!

My hope is that you take Sally and I’s advice on “how to” use social media to your advantage and for the advantage of others.

Do me a solid and follow my girl, Sally Medwin, on Instagram @shopfairtrade  – Twitter @Shop_Fair_Trade – Like her on Facebook – and Follow her WordPress Blog

My Signature Style


One of my favorite things about Sseko Designs is how fun it is to share their story and how they never fail to share ours! This month is Sseko’s annual “30 Days in 30 Ways” challenge featuring fan’s #SignatureStyle becoming a Fair Trade Fashionista in no time!

You see… Atlanta’s summer has been targeted by Georgia’s rainy season for the past couple weeks. I guess all this rain and cloudy skies are preparing me for London! But I finally had to ditch the rain boots and become footloose and fancy free in my favorite pair of Ssekos (I just recmommend not splashing in any giant puddles with your sandals on)! So I got the chance to strut my sandals through Centennial Park and the Georgia Aquarium in downtown ATL.

I still laugh once my friend said… “do you realize everyone is staring at your feet?” I guess I have gotten used to the fact that people stare or talk about my sandals in passing. Just don’t be alarmed if I turn around and say “Did you know these sandals have a story?!” HA! Some great conversations have sparked just because of a pair of sandals with the incredible power to provide women in Uganda higher education!

Ssekos in Centennial Park

I love solids if you can’t tell in this picture. Sometimes the cutest outfits are simply… simple! 
The skirt is Fair Trade certified made by Go Fish.

JustFIN Bieber

Exclusive picture of me and JustFIN Bieber at the Georgia Aquarium

Before I teach you this tie… I have to share a Sseko secret. My favorite accessory is painted toes! Don’t be afraid to mix n’ match your colors. I am a fan of mint nail polish paired with my bright red straps. Make this STEP ONE before you start tying! I still haven’t had the chance to buy an actual Sseko accessory yet… come on I’m still a poor college student!! However, I have collected an assortment of fun straps over the course of the year, but some Sseko sparkle is next on my shopping list!

Well it started out as the Star Tie but ended up like this! I don’t know what to call it, but I think it is the comfiest tie yet! I walked around the World’s largest Aquarium with no problems! … I think it looks best with the chiffon straps. I used the teal solid color strap for an easy visual for this how to:

Sseko Tie

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Add accessories… add two Straps! Happy Tying!


. . .

Want to share the Sseko Story? Watch it here…

Already thinking of sharing your Signature Style?

Find out to get involved here…

Fair Trade Laptop Case Giveaway!



Well readers, we are halfway through the summer, so to kick off the joyous month of July it is time for… drumroll please… a FAIR TRADE GIVEAWAY!

Massive thanks to Lil Soak + Friends for sponsoring our giveaway! You can win an organic, Fair Trade cotton laptop bag made by women in Cambodia. Once you win, you may send us your preference of red, brown, navy or gray.

HowtoFairTradeSummer giveaway

So excited to announce How to Fair Trade Summer’s FIRST giveaway from July 2 – July 16!! You have two whole weeks and so many chances to WIN!

Here is how to enter –

Go to Fair Trade’s Facebook page & find the “Giveaway” option in the menu bar.

Once you click Giveaway you will have to…

  1. Tweet about the Giveaway using the hashtag #FTsummer
  2. Follow Lil Soak + Friends on Facebook
  3. Follow @lilsoak on Twitter
  4. Like Fair Trade on Facebook (the page you are on)
  5. Answer the question: “What is your favorite summer Fair Trade product?”

** Please use the Rafflecopter widget, so we can keep track of your entries!

Feel free to enter everyday to have a better chance to win and share this post with your family & friends!!

HowtoFairTradeSummer Giveaway

Laptop color options for giveaway

Pinterest going Fair Trade


photo 5

I told you Pinterest was going Fair Trade!

Check out my new board: How to Fair Trade your Summer

Now you can followrepin — and like this blog on Pinterest!

Massive thanks to all my readers for all their support!! Because of YOU I am announcing a giveaway at the end of the week. Keep tuning in!

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